Committee Reports


Edwinna Rawlings, Chair.  The committee send cards to those members who are hospitalized.  Please note that the contact person for your area was listed in the last newsletter.  As well, Edwinna writes welcome notes to new members when they join.  A donation is made to the RTO Foundation in memory of those who have passed away.


Joanne Murphy, Chair.  The new rates will be published in November.  Health News is now a part of Renaissance.  If you are travelling this winter do not forget to take with you your Travel Booklet from the Health Plan Book.


Dianne Langan, Chair.  The committee callers attempt to call each member before our District meetings.  More callers are needed.  See Dianne.


Joan Fitzpatrick, Chair. In 2016 a trip to Windsor - French Connection Tour is offered.  As well, a trip to the Stratford Festival is planned for May 4, 2016.  Mamma Mia at Huron County Playhouse, with stops along the way at Parks Blueberries and lunch at Forest Golf and Country Club is planned for August 16, 2016. Because of liability issues we are using a travel agency for all trips.


Bruce, Morin.  Bruce is currently in the process of co-ordinating a new version of our website. The new website will be linked to the RTO-ERO Toronto corporate website.


Joan Fitzpatrick, Chair.  We had a very successful Bell Breakfast this year.  However, obtaining names of new retirees is very difficult.  Please let someone on the Executive know when you hear of someone retiring.  We are offering a Retirement Planning Workshop again on April 27th 2016.


Theresa Dorion, Chair. A very successful golf day was held in September.  Mary Lou Woods is the convenor for the Curling Fun Day on January 23.