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Stratford "Guys and Dolls" 2017

2017 Spring Meeting

2017 RTO 19th Annual Bonspiel 2017

2016 Fall Meeting Photos

The Bell Breakfast 2016

Golf Tournament 2016

Stratford "A Chorus Line" 2016

Windsor "French Connection" Tour 2016

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News from Simon Leibovitz, Director of Administrative and Members Services for RTO/ERO

The Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP) has asked Pollara to conduct a survey on its behalf with both active and retired teachers; the survey process will commence shortly.

Members who wish to verify the legitimacy of any request to participate in this survey may contact any member of the RTO/ERO Provincial Executive or senior staff or their District President.

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Photos from the Stratford "Guys and Dolls" Festival Theatre - May 11th, 2017

Cathy and Stan Dusik come from Windsor to join our bus trip.

Gord and Liz Kirk with Joan Fitzpatrick, from our travel committee.

Liz Boyd, Elaine Leeson, Kathy McDonald and Joy Badder


Supper at The Elmhurst on the way home Jeanne Gibb, Marilyn Johnston, Gale Lovell with Barb McGregor, Peggy Neutens and Edwinna Rawlings.

Photos from the RTO 19th Annual Bonspiel - January 20, 2017

Brian Chambers and Mary Thompson.

Edwinna Rawlings.

Dennis and Loretta Maceyovski, conveners for RTO Curling Day.

Looking down - Earl Brinkman.

All blue - new member who recently moved to Chatham, Seppo Kuokknen.

Guy Mayer and Paul Leidl.

Barry Roe, Mary Thompson, Gary Eagleson, Maureen Coleman and Paul Leidl.

Photos from The Bell Breakfast - September 6th, 2016

The new retirees who attended the Bell Breakfast on Tuesday Sept.6, 2016.

The registration desk - Dianne Langan, Theresa Dorion and Mike Murphy.

Paul Brown with Doris Summerfield, a new retiree from the staff at St. Clair College.

Mary Alice Marchand, Judy Mallette, new retiree and Jane Cartier.

Rochelle Girard, Roni Lloyd, MaryLou Wood and Cathy Clayton.

Deb Melicki, Judy Mallette with Denise Emery.

Doris Summerfield, Lynne Moire and Michelle Lucier - a toast to new retirees.

Photos from the Golf 9 Hole Scramble - September 19th, 2016

John and Theresa Dorion convene the event.

Helen Ryan and Donna Skinner

Dorothy Johnston with her guest Bette Mahu.

Janice Vowles, Diane Bradley, Liz Dries and Lynn Sulman.

Betty Peach, Jeanne Bradley, Mary Bradley and Kathy Flanagan.

Nancy Cumming, Nora Snelgrove (guest) and Edwinna Rawlings.

Pat McGuire, Mary Lanoue, and Nancy Stewart.

Pat Latimer with Frank and Brenda Hoyles.

Martha Gillier with Patrick Fazio and Norma Downie.

Mark Waring, Bill Reume and Bob Christie.

Paul and Diane Leidl with Yvonne and Aadrian Pieters.

Al Edwards, Del Chinnick, Dick Roe and Larry Ribey.

Donna Krete, Doreen Edwards and Dina Meriano.

A group on the green.

Photos from the Stratford "A Chorus Line" Festival Theatre - May 4th, 2016

Joan Fitpatrick and Donna Whelihan shopping after lunch in Stratford.

Mary Kearns and Barb McGregor after lunch in Stratford.

Liz Boyd and Joan Anderson after the production of "A Chorus Line". The bus will stop at The Elmhusrt for supper.


Edwinna Rawlings and Gale Lovell after lunch in Stratford. The bus will take the group to the theatre to see "A Chorus Line" next.


2017 Spring Meeting

Dianne Langan, Theresa Dorion and Mike Murphy

Selling 50/50 tickets is Tom Brunt

Entertaining before the meeting is Gerad Wagter

Theresa Dorion and Pat Welihan

Joanne Murphy, Helen Ryan, and Dorothy Johnston

Margo McDonell and Anne LaPointe

Don Edwards, Cathy Telfer and Ruth Howard

George Sims and Bryan Stanley.

Guest Speaker Jodi Maroney with RTO member Lynn Moir and Rachael Schwarz.

Guest Speaker, Police Chief Gary Conn with RTO/ERO District #33 president Joanne Murphy.

Entertainer Chris Rupert found some old friends and teachers. Sr. Delores Seney, Kathleen Vettorello, Chris Murphy and Cathy Chapman

Newly elected RTO/ERO President, Paul Brown.

2016 Fall Meeting

George Simms volunteers to set up flags alongside our RTO display.

President Joanne Murphy with Colleen Knox, a consultant from Johnson Inc.

Jeanne Gibb with Diane Flook.

Elaine Leeson, Jo Ann Henderson and Marilyn Johnston.

Sherrill Lidstone with Janet McCarron.

Jennifer Tanner, who made a presentation on the 211 telephone number, with Edwinna Rawlings..

Bill Elders with Ben Taves.

CKSS students, Ellita Gagner and Xander Bechard, entertained the group with a beautiful musical performance.

French Connection Tour - June 16th, 2016

RTO members gather to hear information about the French settlements in the Windsor area.

Stories from the past are shared by the actors dressed in period outfits.

Stories from the past are sheared by the actors dressed in period outfits.

RTO members enjoy a French lunch and entertainment. Bob and Cathy Telfer

Donna and Pat Wheilihan.

RTO members hear stories told by the French actors.

RTO members during a French cuisine lunch. Stan and Cathy Dusik.

Retired French teachers who sang along to the French songs as we enjoyed lunch. Donna-Jean Kouyzer and Rochelle Guimond.

Gerald Wagter plays the spoons to accompany the French songs.

You Can Donate Used Eyeglasses

There is a need for used, unwanted, or discarded eyeglasses.  Volunteer professional optometrist and support personnel travel to third world countries to fit and distribute eyeglasses to those in need.  You can bring those old eyeglasses to any RTO function, drop off at Dr. Darrell Stewart at 149 Grand Ave. W. (just past the Pines) in Chatham, or call Hank Lalonde at 519 351-7384 to arrange for pick up.  If you’re like me, you have glasses lying around and never knew they could be recycled.  Thanks for your help.